Minotaur Money RFV Distribution Vote Passed

The Minotaur Money RFV Distribution vote is over!

⛳ The option to distribute the risk-free value in the treasury and wind down the DAO has won:

🌐 https://snapshot.org/#/thewolfgame.eth/proposal/0xf80f8707b402fa9cde26b5dc50dd48a176fbe72bc37bd3fc35f44060a89d25dd

💫 MINO trading officially ends immediately after this post (17:00 GMT, September 14)!

🚀 We will now perform the administrative procedures stated in the proposal

🔥 Please stand by for the announcement of the MINO → USDC redemption contract — we have to wait >8 hours because of the final rebase, but we will get you the info ASAP!



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