MINO token swap to 10mb.finance 10SHARE tokens!

💣 Swap Details for Snowcat DAO SCAT & Minotaur Money MINO → 10mb 10SHARE tokens

💵 MINO & SCAT holders will have the opportunity to swap tokens and become THE FIRST 10SHARE holders! Not financial advice, but early share tokens in Tomb forks are often priced very expensively!

💰 Offering: 15 10SHARE tokens each for MINO & SCAT

⏰ Swaps begin: 6–4, 8pm GMT
⏲️ Swaps end: 6–7, 8pm GMT

⚡ Please note: At the conclusion of the swap period on 6–7, the DAO tokens for Snowdog DAO will be market sold! Please be aware of any possible effects on price and invest accordingly!

📚 More info: https://docs.10mb.finance/basics/presale-launch-info/minotaur-and-snowcat-swaps

🌐 Swap URLs (coming soon): https://minotaur.money/swap/ and https://snowcat.dog/swap/



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