MINO token swap to 10mb.finance 10SHARE tokens!

πŸ’£ Swap Details for Snowcat DAO SCAT & Minotaur Money MINO β†’ 10mb 10SHARE tokens

πŸ’΅ MINO & SCAT holders will have the opportunity to swap tokens and become THE FIRST 10SHARE holders! Not financial advice, but early share tokens in Tomb forks are often priced very expensively!

πŸ’° Offering: 15 10SHARE tokens each for MINO & SCAT

⏰ Swaps begin: 6–4, 8pm GMT
⏲️ Swaps end: 6–7, 8pm GMT

⚑ Please note: At the conclusion of the swap period on 6–7, the DAO tokens for Snowdog DAO will be market sold! Please be aware of any possible effects on price and invest accordingly!

πŸ“š More info:

🌐 Swap URLs (coming soon): and



Minotaur.Money is a reserve currency and decentralized VC on the Cronos Network

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