Announcing Minotaur.Money

Greetings! We are pleased to announce the launch of , a reserve currency DAO and decentralized VC on the Cronos Network!

We are launching very early in the life of Cronos, which should put us in an advantageous “go-to” position. Furthermore, we have implemented two major code upgrades from the underlying Wonderland Money code: , which enables us to leverage the treasury to the DAO’s advantage, and a on token selling that is redistributed proportionally to stakers.

We feel that these code upgrades, especially the transaction tax that applies only to token selling, create a meaningful added incentive to hold MINO tokens. Because 6.66% of each token selloff via the LPs is redistributed to stakers, long-term holders benefit. This system uses less gas than reflection while still providing rewards directly to stakers.

In addition, we look forward to leveraging our treasury in a way that benefits all DAO shareholders and maximizes the DAO’s future valuation. We intend to explore a variety of options, such as crypto investing, cross-chain liquidity farming, decentralized VC, and bribes for liquidity rewards (aka “the Curve Wars”)!

Our Presale starts January 6! We have a low Hard Cap of 250,000 DAI for 40,000 MINO tokens ($6.25/token), and there will be no Whitelist. We believe that a first-come-first-served presale format is the fairest possible method! The liquidity price will be double presale price ($12.50/MINO) if the presale sells out. Please head to our or for more information!

We hope that you will join our , where we are running multiple contests for tasks such as referrals and proof of shill. We have 2,000 MINO tokens for all incentives, and we are focusing our efforts on building up a community of like-minded participants who are truly interested in building a DAO on Cronos Network. Thanks in advance for your support!



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